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About JA Smith

JA Smith is a polymath who enjoys discussing, and rehashing Western history, when not composing music, writing literature, poetry, and drama, designing architecture, creating beautiful artwork such as oil paintings and sculptures, debating philosophy, and theology, studying various foreign languages, sciences, and mathematics, and participating in numerous athletic endeavors such as archery, Egyptian stick fencing, harness racing, Frisian handball, hang gliding, beagling, kite surfing, outrigger canoeing, and elephant polo.

He has authored many works, including titles such as; 

-An Unabridged Etymology of the Basque Language

-Dictating Counterpoint; How to Write Sheet Music by Ear 

-The Life and Times of Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von Schelling

-Ahura Mazda; Rediscovering the Lost Teachings of Zoroaster 

-Two Caucasian Sketches; A Critique of the Complete Works of Mikhail Ippolitov-Ivanov

-How to Transliterate Latin Text to Dongba Script 

-Stochastic Process; Times Series and Random Field 

-Austrian Baroque Architecture; Contributions of Prandtauer and Munggenast 

-Ignatius of Antioch; Into the Jaws of the Lion

-A Gerontological Study of the Austronesian Peoples

-Hegelianism and the Dangerous Pen of Søren Kierkegaard

-Severing the Ottoman Empire; Signing the Treaty of Sèvres

-The Architectural Acoustics of the Royal Albert Hall 

-Revised Anglo-Saxon; Making Sense of the English Language 

-Efficiently Evacuating a Metropolis; Civil Engineering and Surviving Disasters 

-Cytopathology and Elephant Breeding in East Bengal 

-Retracing the Final Voyage of Juan Francisco de la Bodega y Quadra 

-Baseball Statistics; Measuring Failure 

-The Diaspora of the Macumba

-Hydrodynamics and City Planning

-The Totalitarian Mask of Keynesian Economics

-Russian Architecture; East Meets West

-Exploring Randomized Algorithms and the Depths of the Human Psyche

-The Significance of Ignatius’ Correspondence with Polycarp

-Prussian Steel; Forging an Empire in Blood 

-A Comprehensive Study of Bantu Marriage Customs

Plus many, many more.

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